wishing you a happy weekend...

1. One day i'm going to cover my walls with pretty picture frames.
2. Wishing that I could visit this wonderful place (Alberta, Canada); what a view!
3. I like this outfit, it's simple but so stylish!
4. This tote bag from Milkmaid is so great! I need it!
5. I hate it when my books fall over on my shelves. That is why I need this.
6. This is such a beautiful illustration.


  1. I love walls covered in art and photos...I am trying to do this on a wall next to a staircase in my house, but I am have such a hard time choosing things to put up that I have only hung 5 things!

  2. I live in Alberta, you can come and visit me any time! xx -b.

  3. You always make the best collages with the most cute and beautiful photos. The mountains are breathtaking, the outfit is to die for, the purse is over the top cute, and id love my living space to look like that one.

  4. I love this inspiration...and now want to put a big braid in my hair.