hello? what are you still doing here!

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all of a sudden

Alrighty, so I have some news!
I decided to start a new blog!

Technically, it will stay the same, except I changed the name.
I imported all of my old posts too so it will be like nothing happened!
It's just that i've been getting tired of the name tea + tea, and it's something
that I came up with when I was young, so I guess I have outgrown it! haha

Pretty please, I hope you visit me on my new blog ( minna may ) and follow me there.

On my new blog, I decided to share more bits of my life since 
I haven't really done that on teal + tea in the past!

Thanks friends! See you on the other side! (:

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spring wishlist...

Are you experiencing the wonderful spring weather yet? It's been on and off here, but when
the weather is nice, it sure does put a smile on my face because I can't stand cold weather!

Here are some things that I wish I could have for the springtime:

1. yellow chiffon dress by topshop / 2. eos lipbalm (my fave!) / 3. heart ring from anthropologie / 4. j.crew purse /
5. kate spade crystal watch / 6. madewell suede flats / 7. j.crew leather belt / 8. j.crew bow short / 9. kate spade bangle

Happy friday, and have a wonderful weekend!

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See ya on monday!  — Minna

P.S. Need to update your wardrobe for spring? I'm selling some of my clothes that are new or
barely worn! Click here, and start shopping! More will be added over the next few days! (:



I've been pretty busy lately running my stores and working on my first wholesale order
for Floret Letterpress! I while back, I found out that my rubber stamp (below) was
on Martha Stewart's wedding blog website! So that was pretty exciting for me!

(above) A few days ago, I finished wrapping up all of my wholesale order of mother's day cards and shipped
them off! Remember, mother's day is coming up in a few weeks! If you still need to get a card, click here!

(above) I made myself business cards for Floret Letterpress, and i'm pretty happy with it, but I plan on changing it soon haha
Chanel has been keeping me company while sitting on her little blanky...



oh leander

Loving everything from Oh Leander...

today i like...

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |


on my wishlist...

1. source unknown 2. falconwright clutch 3. scotch polish in 'neat' 
if you know the true source for 1 and 4, please let me know!

P.S. I am now on instagram! Yay! Please follow me! My username is: minna_so
You can also look at my instagram photos here! Happy friday friends! (:



The other day I had a little break and took out my sewing machine and fabric and
made a few things. I love collecting printed fabrics and below are just some of my favorites!
I like to use my scraps to make accessories for Chanel! haha

home sweet home

Only in my dreams could I ever have a home as sweet as these...
1. / 2. / 3. / 4. )