going to the zoo...

My family and I are going to the national zoo today in DC! I am so excited because it's been quite a
while since i've been to the zoo, and I absolutely love animals! I especially love these animal prints
by Wild Pulp! So gorgeous don't you think! They are animal silhouettes from tree bark!


  1. Oh those prints are so nice! Love the simplicity of them.

    I wasn't at a zoo in such a long time. Zoos always make me sad. I really can't go in to a zoo without leaving all sad and about to cry. Just can't handle the animals being cages like that. wasn't meant offensive in any way though (just in case).
    Hope you have a great day and wonderful weather for the trip :)

    1. oh i understand! i'm especially sad to see elephants caged inside small buildings with no trees or nothing! just cement! that was in oregon. now that made me cry! i try to avoid those! hopefully when i go today i'll be able to see some happy animals because i love them so much!

  2. I love those! Definitly going to check them out next. xo, rv


  3. I hope you have a wonderful time. What a great zoo! The tree bark animal silhouettes are charming, especially grouped together. I like the moose.