Spring is Coming! (:

Hello! Oooh, sorry it's been so long! I've been very very busy lately with school & work. So last week was Groundhog's day! I believe the gopher saw his shadow where I live, so spring is on its way and I am so excited! I am longing for some warm weather!

Also, I am so relieved that it didn't snow this winter! :0
I hope those of you that was hit with the big snow storm are doing fine!
{ source: unknown }

Have an amazing week! (:

PS. Valentine's day is next week! :0


  1. I am longing for warmer weather as well! Tired of cold.

  2. awesome pics, they make me in the right mood for waiting spring!!!!

  3. I always love your lovely posts! :)
    And we got a little bit of snow,but not too much.Where some of my friends are,the power went out for a while,but it's back on now.