Unexpected News

Hello everyone, and happy holidays. I hope you are all enjoying your time with family and friends. Monday morning, I woke up to unexpected news. My 16 month old nephew went to the emergency room because he was vomiting and couldn't walk all of a sudden. The doctors found a brain tumor. He went into surgery right away to remove fluid in his brain that wasn't supposed to be there. This morning he went into his second surgery to remove the tumor, and it will take 6-7 hours. I drove up to Washington right away to see him at Seattle Children's Hospital. Seeing him the way he was, I was devastated. I just wish there is something I could do. All I ask is for your thoughts and prayers for baby Carter.


  1. Well hello Minna, what a story... I feel very very sorry for baby Carter and his family and yes, our thoughts are definately with him these days. And the thoughts will fly right away over the ocean from Europe. Wishing you and yours all luck and health, love Maaike

  2. Hi Minna,
    I just saw your post title on Vintage Homes' sidebar. I'm so sorry about your nephew. We will be praying for him and your family. What devastating circumstances but God is our Shepard and he will bring comfort to your family. May the Lord hold little Carter tightly in His grip.
    Sincere blessings,

  3. I'm so sorry for what your family has gone through. I keep checking here to see if you've posted an update on your nephew, although obviously your thoughts are with your family & not the blogging world. I just keep thinking about your nephew & although I don't know you at all, am so hoping that all is well.