Happy Thanksgiving (:

Well hello everyone! (:
Today is Thanksgiving, and I am so thankful for everything!
I just had a scrumptious meal with my family, and now it's
time for dessert! (pumpkin pie & candied yams) YUM!
I wish you all have/had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Now it's time to prepare for black friday! Wahooo! (;


  1. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, as well.

  2. Pumpkin pie is the best! I didn't have any room left for pie but will be looking for it later today! I am now following.

    p.s. I am having a $50 Pottery Barn e-card giveaway if you would like to join in! xo

  3. Now that pie could win the blue ribbon! Stunning! xoxo hugs

  4. I really like your pictures!:)
    I have presented you with an award, if you'd like to visit my site you will be able to get it.