Happy September everyone!
It's a new month, and I have many new items in my shop! (:

N E W !
Hand dyed cotton twine (:
You get all three bundles of twine for a great price!

Magnetic wooden clothespins (:
I have so many of these on my fridge right now holding notes, lists, etc.
I absolutely love using them!

New hand carved border stamps! (:
Whenever I make cards for people, I love putting borders around them!
I especially love scalloped borders.
These stamps come in a set of three.

Thanks for looking, have a great day! (:

1 comment:

  1. I love these borders! Such a cute idea, and a simple way to customise, well, just about anything! What material is it made out of? I'm thinking about buying a custom anem stamp for an xmas prezzie, and must admit, there are some stamps on the market that don't 'stmap' very well...

    yviemarie x