Beautiful Soft Purples

Today I am off to Washington for a little vacation! I will return on the 22nd (:
Hopefully I will be able to find time to continue blogging.
Remember that I can still take orders for my store,
I will just be shipping them when i get back!

Have a wonderful day!

Purple is my favorite color (:
I especially love light, soft, pretty purples!
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  1. Purple is my favorite color too. Very pretty photos

  2. Have fun in Washington. Those flowers are beautiful :)

  3. Love the soft pastel tones in the photos, very pretty and so relaxing to look at.

    Enjoy your vacation in Washington. When I hear someone is going to Washington, I naturally thing of the beautiful state of Washington, however after living on the east coast I've come to realize everyone out here assumes that Washington means Washington DC...as though there isn't anything else. LOL

  4. enjoy your vacation :)

    Did you see this awesome feature of your stamps on Etsy Finds?

  5. Mary - Wow! Thanks so much for telling me, I had no idea (: